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Education Leadership Search Service

Welcome to the NASB Education Leadership Search Service. We appreciate your interest and look forward to visiting with you regarding your specific search needs. As we facilitate the search process for local public boards, we provide the necessary tools and resources for the board to make the best decision for your district when filling a leadership vacancy.

Through a collaborative working relationship with the Board of Education, the NASB Education Leadership Search Service ensures a highly professional search process. We attract the very best applicants and instill confidence in the board through the search process.



  • Bertrand Community School - Position Filled
  • Bloomfield Community Schools - Position Filled
  • Boone Central Schools - Position Filled - Interim
  • Callaway Public Schools - Position Filled 
  • Cozad Community Schools - Position Filled
  • Dundy County Stratton - Position Filled 
  • Elba Public Schools - Deadline to Appy has Passed
  • Elm Creek Public Schools - Position Filled
  • ESU 7 - Position Filled - Interim
  • Gretna Public Schools - Position Filled
  • High Plains Community Schools - Position Filled
  • Homer Community Schools - Position Filled
  • Learning Community CEO - Deadline to Apply is July 21
  • Morrill Public Schools - Position Filled 
  • Sandhills Public Schools - Position Filled 
  • Sargent Public Schools - Position Filled
  • Summerland Public Schools - Position Filled
  • Sutherland Public Schools - Position Filled - Interim
  • Sutton Public Schools - Position Filled 
  • Twin River Public Schools - Position Filled

Benefits of NASB Education Leadership Search Service
  • Detailed, Efficient, and Professional Services
  • Tailored to Meet the Need of Your District
  • Board and District Satisfaction is our Number One Priority
  • Thorough NASB Background Screening and Reference Checks
  • All Applicants are Presented to the Board for Consideration

NASB Education Leadership Search Service can assist you in filling your administrative vacancies.  The following are positions in which NASB has facilitated successful searches:

  • Superintendent
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Learning Community CEO
  • ESU Administrator
  • Curriculum Director
  • Business Director
  • Director of Human Resources
  • High School Principal

For Information Contact:

Shari Becker - Director of Search Service
Nebraska Association of School Boards
1311 Stockwell Street - Lincoln, NE 68502

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