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Membership Guide

MG2024Each year, members receive the annual Membership Guide, a full-scale publication that includes information on everything NASB is and does like:

  • The History of NASB
  • Organizations NASB is Responsible For
  • Messages from the President & Executive Director
  • NASB's Board of Directors, Regions & Region Bylaws 
  • NASB's Legislation Committee & Bylaws 
  • Advocacy & Engagement ... We Live Here
  • Awards of Achievement & NASB Board Awards 
  • Programs, Services & Staff 
  • School Board Member of the Year
  • Endorsed Services
  • Affiliate Members
  • And More!
To view the Membership Guide in electronic form, CLICK HERE

If you, or you Board would like additional copies, please contact NASB and we would be happy to send them your way.  

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