Board Retreats

As a community leader and board member, you are encouraged to grow in your leadership skills and knowledge. Modeling purposeful servant leadership begins with a willingness to be a life-long learner, active participant in planning and problem-solving, and a commitment to collaborative engagement with administration, and internal and external stakeholders for the benefit of students.

Board Retreats or Work Sessions

Conducting a board retreat or work session provides a meeting time in a goal-oriented, focused, and less formal setting that allows boards to learn, engage, and recharge. Common agenda topics include:

  • Board roles and responsibilities
  • Board-superintendent relationship
  • Board protocols
  • Effective board meeting procedures
  • District planning and goals
  • Resource alignment to maximize impact
  • Student academic performance and progress
  • Problem solving and resolution
Customize and Facilitate Your Leadership Development

The NASB Board Leadership staff provides an objective facilitator to guide the process from planning to follow-up; a board retreat tailored to address the needs, wants, and vision determined by the board president and superintendent. A designated 2.5 hour to 3-hour time block is recommended.

If goal setting is the targeted outcome, the facilitator will develop a comprehensive plan unique to your board following the retreat. The plan includes goals that specify performance indicators, responsibilities, and timelines for prioritized, actionable progress intended to keep boards focused and organized to achieve successful outcomes.

Board Self-Assessment

A particularly powerful tool that can accompany your board retreat is a board self-assessment. NASB will administer the assessment through its online platform prior the retreat. The summary of the results enables the board to celebrate your leadership qualities and to target areas of growth with Association staff at the time of the retreat to lead and help guide discussion. When coupling an online board self-assessment with a board retreat, the fee for conducting the assessment is waived! There are many other benefits to a board self-assessment – you can read more here .

For more information and to schedule your board retreat contact Marcia Herring, NASB Director of Board Leadership at


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