Board Learning Opportunities

Board service is constantly evolving. Trends of education, budget, enrollment, personal experiences, and community traditions impact a board member’s role and his/her board service. It is the responsibility of the board to develop a method by which to constantly stay abreast of the changes in education and the impact the changes bring to the decision-making of the board.

According to NSBA national survey of board members, 90 to 95 percent of board members surveyed indicate they need more training to become more effective in tackling school district matters. Training that the survey found essential includes, but is not limited to student achievement issues, improved communications, district planning, Nebraska Open Meetings Law, policy, and budget development.

Training is available to board members. The most popular activities include opportunities to network with other board members. Individual and group learning opportunities are offered by the Association. Data supports that professional development for the board as a whole has a greater impact on the work and unity of the group than individual development. While group development is vital in effectively developing the board, there may be certain instances when board committees or committee members should pursue training that develops the committee (i.e., the finance committee will specifically attend to the NASB School Finance Workshop or the Association’s Negotiations Committee may find value in attending the Labor Relations Conference, etc.). Knowledgeable board members are valuable to the leadership team.

Their added knowledge is certainly worth the time required to plan and participate in board learning opportunities. A board president reinforces a commitment to professional development through strong board policy and a budget that ensures adequate funding to encourage and to support relevant board development. The outcome of these efforts is an effective board, growing to support and benefit students of your district and fulfilling NASB Board Governance Standards for best practice.

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