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Safe Schools

The SafeSchools TRAINING is also a web based program. This program provides over 175 safety training courses specific for school staff. The program emails safety trainings notices to staff members on behalf of the district’s administration. Each course is followed by a quiz, and all activity is logged and saved for administration to view. SafeSchools Training makes safety awareness an easier task to accomplish at a district level.

If your district/ESU is a member of the NASB – ALICAP insurance program, the SafeSchools TRAINING program is FREE to you.

If you district isn’t already using SafeSchools TRAINING, please contact Megan Boldt at the NASB office for more information or visit the SafeSchools website at www.safeschools.com

For more information, please contact:
Megan Boldt - mboldt@NASBonline.org
Nebraska Association of School Boards
1311 Stockwell Street - Lincoln, NE 68502


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