Newly Elected/Appointed Board Member

Welcome to Board Service!
As you embark upon this most rewarding endeavor, be mindful of the proper roles and responsibilities of the board.  You represent all students; however, you are only one board member and have no authority outside of the official board meeting.  The board has one employee the superintendent/ESU administrator and together you work collaboratively to develop and sustain the district mission, vision, and goals to support growth and improved student learning for all students.  We believe the board has a profound impact on successful student learning; therefore, we are committed to assisting our members grow in your governance role and our mission of providing services to boards to strengthen public education for all Nebraska children.
The Association provides a variety of learning opportunities and professional development programs to help you grow and learn your board governance roles and responsibilities. The Association also provides statewide conference, publications, services, programs, and a highly-qualified staff to support you in this charge. 
Congratulations on being elected or appointed to the board.  We look forward to working with you and encourage you to contact the Association whenever we may provide support or service to you and your local board.

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