Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning provides a thorough process for creating a strategic, collaborative vision that includes:

  • Strategies and objectives aligned with the school district’s mission and beliefs
  • Collaboration and consensus among internal and external stakeholders
  • Commitment from the school district leadership to a defined long-term plan
  • Accountability of administration and staff
  • Ongoing and consistent monitoring of progress and success
The Need for Strategic Planning

For many school districts, the purpose for engaging in strategic planning begins with the belief that a school district’s primary mission is the education of students and all actions and decisions are dedicated to improving educational outcomes. Most school districts are challenged with needs that exceed access to adequate resources and meeting the expectations of stakeholders. Implementing a three to five-year strategic plan can help a district be more efficient and accountable with the investment of resources.

The NASB Strategic Planning Process


Our process begins with establishing the common purpose and values that will give a district direction for the next three to five years. We then gather high-quality data through stakeholder engagement to gain their perspective, ideas, and suggestions for growing education in their district. This data is analyzed to identify the district’s greatest needs and therefore guides the creation of the plan. A comprehensive plan is then developed that lays out a path forward expressed through guiding principles, objectives, strategies, and performance indicators. Finally, we equip the district to carry out the plan and monitor their progress and success.

Our Experience

NASB’s Board Leadership department has worked with school boards and their superintendents in goal setting exercises for many years. Traditionally, we facilitated community engagement to identify district needs and goals, but as recent as 2014, district leaders requested that we expand community engagement to include a comprehensive strategic planning process. Since that time, NASB has facilitated strategic planning for more than 25 school districts ranging from Class A to Class D.


“The NASB process is a powerful experience for school and community! It is an opportunity for school administration and board of education members to hear patron perception, and in turn provide stakeholders with factual information pertaining to the school. Deficit areas are discussed which aids in the strategic planning and school improvement processes of the district, but the strengths of the district will dominate the discussion. It is awesome! The process truly helps a school district to move forward for the betterment of kids!”   – Superintendent

“Every school needs a road map to move forward from where they currently are to where they want to be in the future. NASB was instrumental in assisting us to collaborate with district stakeholders through a guided process that has helped accomplish this. Together, we were able to identify our district’s Vision, Mission, Values and Core Beliefs which has defined who we are, and who we want to be.”   – Superintendent


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